Responsive Sizing: Two little known CSS properties

Making object sizes proportional to browser sizes This tutorial introduces you to two very powerfull and sometimes less known CSS features – Viewport units – Calc function Viewport Units allow you to express the size of an element as a … Continue reading →

Script: Fix anything to Top on Scroll

Version 3 of Xtreme introduced fixed menus, as well as Fix on scroll options for both primary and secondary menu bars.
The tutorial below shows you how to use a provided script to fix on Scroll anthing else you like, such as
– Extra menu (using the “Plus” Extra Menu shortcode)
– HTML Insertion area or any theme Area with the “plus” Classes box
– Your own content <div>

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“Fixed to Top on Scroll” Menus: Customization

Xtreme Version 3 added two ways to fix Menus at the top of the page.
A simple Fixed to Top that fixes the menu there all the time.
A Fixed to Top on Scroll, that will fix the menu when you scroll the page and the menu reaches the top of the browser.
This Tutorial explains how to create different animated transitions when the menu gets fixed, as well as how to not fix it on mobile devices.

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Scripts: Advanced styling or design changes

This tutorial gives you the bases for using Scripts inside Xtreme, for programmable behaviors, or advanced site modifications.
It is not meant to teach you JavaScript (there are plenty of great Tutorial sites for that)
It will take you through:

  • General advanced modifications practices
  • Base principles of Scripts in Xtreme
  • Concepts and examples

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