X-Plus Flex Columns Widget: Usage and Customizations

With version 3, Weaver added a Flex Columns widget in the “Plus” Plugin, which allows you to define a flexible layout of columns / boxes within a single widget.

This new widget is based on a small CSS jewel called Flexbox. Flexbox has a number of very interesting features, making it easy to create arrays of responsive and flexible boxes.

This tutorial will take you through the existing options of this new Widget, as well as give you tips on how to use simple Flexbox CSS rules to customize it even further, or combine it with other tools to make it even more powerful.

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Scripts: Advanced styling or design changes

This tutorial gives you the bases for using Scripts inside Xtreme, for programmable behaviors, or advanced site modifications.
It is not meant to teach you JavaScript (there are plenty of great Tutorial sites for that)
It will take you through:

  • General advanced modifications practices
  • Base principles of Scripts in Xtreme
  • Concepts and examples

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Display Posts in more than 3 columns

Although for posts with text content 3 columns seems like plenty, if using posts to display images, or making reference pages with just featured image and title, you may want to create more columns.

This tutorial will give you the custom CSS rules to Display posts in as many columns as you like, and set a different number for each mobile device or browser size.

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Responsive Columns and Widgets

You often need to organize your content in responsive columns or widgets. They need to scale with the browser and eventually stack differently on mobile devices so individual columns / widgets do not become too narrow.

This tutorial will guide you through existing tools available in Weaver Xtreme to organize your own content in such layouts.

Note: If you have the Xtreme “Plus” Plugin, there is now a very powerful widget called “X-Plus Flex Columns” that can do all this and much more in a much easier manner.
Check its guide article below.

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Menu Bar: Advanced Customizations

This Tutorial takes you over the following Menu Bar customizations:

  1. Site Logo & Menu positioning
  2. Menu / Submenu hover
  3. Horizontal Submenus
  4. Two columns Submenus
  5. Increase space between Menu items
  6. Shifting out of screen Submenus
  7. Submenus width or text wrap
  8. Menu Bars margin & padding
  9. Wrapping of Menu Add HTML area
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Options: Widget Areas and Widgets

Weaver Xtreme supports these sidebar layout arrangements from the Layout panel: HeaderContent PriSec FooterSingle Column – Right Header PriSec ContentFooterSingle Column – Left Header Pri Content Sec FooterSplit – Left & Right HeaderContentFooterNo Sidebars The sidebars support two widget areas … Continue reading →