Tab Group shortcode: Different Styles & Behavior

Xtreme has a Tab Group Shortcode to create tabbed content. It has a few styling options, but here are some more for a completely different look and behavior.
The rules below will change the regular Tab look to Button style
It will also allow you to start will all tabs content closed, and open/close them as you click the buttons.

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Responsive Columns and Widgets

You often need to organize your content in responsive columns or widgets. They need to scale with the browser and eventually stack differently on mobile devices so individual columns / widgets do not become too narrow.

This tutorial will guide you through existing tools available in Weaver Xtreme to organize your own content in such layouts.

Note: If you have the Xtreme “Plus” Plugin, there is now a very powerful widget called “X-Plus Flex Columns” that can do all this and much more in a much easier manner.
Check its guide article below.

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Shortcode: [box] – Wrap Content in a Box

[ box]text[/box] Wrap content in a box. Shortcode Usage: [ box align=left background=#fff border=true border_rule=’border-css’ border_radius=4 color=#000 margin=1 padding=1 shadow=1 style=’style-rules’]text[/box] align=align: Leave blank, or specify left, center, or right for alignment of box within surrounding text. border=true: True is … Continue reading →