Styling specific pages or devices (like BG Image)

Sometimes you need to change styling for specific pages or devices.
As an example, this tutorial will detail how to change areas background attributes in the following situations

  • Different static pages
  • Different WordPress pages
  • Different devices
  • Any combination of the above
  • Portrait and Landscape

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Posts: Changing Featured Image Layout on Mobile

Xtreme offers many Featured Image layout options for posts, including the ability to hide them on selected devices.
But the Layout you choose will the same on all devices.

When using layouts like “Beside page/Post” and Right/Left align, the text sits besides the Featured Image.
On narrow devices, you can end up with a narrow column of content besides the Featured Image, and you may want to have the text drop below the image.

The Tutorial below will review some of these cases, and ways to workaround the problem.

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Display Posts in more than 3 columns

Although for posts with text content 3 columns seems like plenty, if using posts to display images, or making reference pages with just featured image and title, you may want to create more columns.

This tutorial will give you the custom CSS rules to Display posts in as many columns as you like, and set a different number for each mobile device or browser size.

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